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Jesse, Linda and Andy King

Living in the "Next Chapter"!

"Fish Tales" name was born from a couple of different reasons, but primarily it comes from the last chapter in our lives (before this one, of course).  Jesse and Linda King owned and operated Three Rivers Fly Shop for 20 years.  Linda kept things running in the store and Jesse was a professional fly fishing guide.  He loved teaching his clients new aspects of the sport and loved to share the total experience that comes with it.  All fishermen love to tell fishin' stories.  Thus, the "tales"...   Some can be tall, but Jesse's were his "Fish Tales".   ​ Jesse and Linda also had a small muscadine grape vineyard at their home and Jesse loved making wine for friends and family.  Searching for another chapter in life, he began exploring the idea of opening a winery.   It seemed the next logical step and he convinced his son, Andy, to join him.  Now, the Kings had a mission and knowing it would be no simple task, set out to build a much bigger vineyard, renovate the existing Fly Shop into a more suitable atmosphere and hire employees in the process.  Fish Tales Winery and Vineyards opened in March 2016.  In that time there have been many changes.  Fish Tales Bistro was in place in 2018.   Since that time, we have continued to add improvements for a better customer experience.  We love our family (employees included!) and we love our customers.  We try our best to make your Hochatown experience the most pleasant possible.  We want everyone who visits to feel like a family member and we look forward to your return.

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