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Fresh Ingredients

Our Food

Our bistro is family owned and operated.  We specialize in food that is unique and delicious and you'll find healthy options, too.  We don't fry anything so if a burger and fries is what you're looking for, there are many other places to get that - just not here.  We offer a variety of fresh food that will pair nicely with your wine!  How hungry are you? 

You could choose a charcuterie board to fit the number in your party or maybe just our flavored oils and warm salty French bread. 


You can enjoy one of our fresh salads or our hot baked dips and garlic toast.   Our PANINIS are unique in every way and may be our specialty.  Try the sweet and savory flavors!   You won't be dissapointed.  And, little appetites can enjoy mac & cheese, chicken nuggets or even a PB&J.    


You'll not go home hungry!  Take a look at our full menu when you click on the Bistro Menu button.  But, watch out!  We like to change things up.   Our chef is full of surprises!

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